How to Breed a Dog

How to Breed a Dog


I love reviewing sites, my latest review is of Elizabeth Brown’s How To Breed A Dog – The Basics You Need To Know!

What Is It?

How To Breed A Dog

Why Did The Writer Write On This Subject?

The author, Elizabeth Brown, has created a guide about being a dog breeder. She has bred dogs most of her adult life. She has heard dreadful stories about people who have made an attempt to reproduce dogs to make some hard cash only to create a bad situation for the dogs. She knows breeding dogs requires a large amount of difficult work and her angle is a straightforward one – a way to breed a dog and do it with a loving heart.

First Impressions…

My first impression of her electronic book was complete, “Thanks!”

Why? Because her e-book contained, at least it did for me, a plethora of helpful information that I had not even thought about and I’ve been around dogs and animals all my life.

For example, she covered questions that are crucial to ask yourself to make certain that you are prepared for breeding dogs. I took her list and put down my answers to the questions. I then found that I felt more confident then ever and was positive this was something I most needed to get in to.

Does The Ebook Work?

For me it did. Will it for you?

My thinking is that if you would like to be aware of how to find the right dog breed for your environment, ways to go about making a breeding plan, getting and raising your breeding dogs, how to socialize your dogs, even making questionnaires and waiting lists for potential owners, Ms. Brown covers the data in a loving and thorough fashion that will certainly put you in the control seat of making your dream come true.

Who Is It Right For?

I already answered this above, but if you are keen for a lifetime of fun with dogs and finding them good homes, then this is going to be right for you.

Bad Points

The information is directly to the point without a handful of fluff. It did overwhelm me a bit at first seeing as there was a ton more to consider and plan for than I had original thought. But I think that I quickly conquered this by reading the guide and using her, from the heart, rules, tips, tricks, that will end up benefiting me, my dogs, and their new home.

Good Points

While there was a lot of new info which has already been hugely helpful, I suspect the section on Birthing Puppies helped me the most. I had already been through my Cocker Spaniel giving birth before, but there was a lot about the birthing process that I was not sure about, but thankfully her tips and birthing kit plan now has me approaching this with no problems.

Conclusion Here’s my outline of How To Breed A Dog by Elizabeth Brown

Ease of Use – 9 (I assumed she personally came to my home)

Quality of Info – 10

Value for Money – 10

Overall Rating – 10

Ready to be knowledgeable about the way to breed a dog? Visit her site and get geared up for a lifetime of puppy breeding!