Guard Dogs Defined

Guard Dogs Defined


One of the biggest misconceptions about guard dogs is that they are trained in the same way and have the same responsibilities as personal protection dogs. In actuality, they vary greatly in duties, genetics, training and in an array of other ways. While guard/estate dogs do serve an important function, they are not comparable to protection dogs in several ways.

Guard dogs are most useful in the role of being a watchful gatekeeper to an estate, compound, or business. Highly territorial, they are more than willing to defend their defined ‘turf’. This is especially useful for businesses that lock up at night yet have valuable inventory that needs to be protected, such as a body shop or car dealership. They respect their handlers but are not sociable and lack the many years of training that personal protection dogs have. Protection dogs, due to their genetics and training, play a dual role in that they are highly sociable and great with children, pets and other people. Their ‘territory’ isn’t a defined area, it is their handler. Their job is to defend a physical person or person(s). The level of control is obviously greater. Protection dogs can be cross-trained to serve as guard dogs. We get this request a lot and it is easy to fulfill.

I cannot stress the importance of genetics enough. The makings of a phenomenal protection dog begin in the genes of its parents and grandparents. The secret to our success in having litters suited to CCK9’s high standards is due to our carefulness in selecting our parent dogs. In fact, all of our parent dogs have proven themselves by completing at least our Level II program. Dogs more suited to guard dog work are often the result of poor genetic planning on the part of the breeder. It is an unfortunate but common circumstance since only 1% of dogs possess the genetics to qualify as true protection dogs. This isn’t to say that there aren’t some fantastic guard dogs. It’s just that personal protection dogs have to be nearly perfect in every category just to train to perform their elite role.

Temperament and aptitude are also a product of genetics and play a key role in training. Without the proper attitude and high degree of intelligence it is impossible to train a dog for personal protection. One thing that both types of dogs have in common is that they must have a strong ‘guard’ drive. Quality guard dogs must have the nerve not to back down in the face of an intruder. How effective is a watch dog that backs away from a fence that a burglar is attempting to breach? Loud barking and a frantic temperament are obvious advantages.

Command Control K9 LTD will sell guard dogs. While we specialize in elite personal protection dogs we often have repeat clients ask us to find and evaluate guard/estate/compound dogs for their estates and businesses. We take the request very seriously and always supply dogs with balance. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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