Dog Food Essentials

Dog Food Essentials

dog sitting at table for dinner

Understanding your dog’s dietary needs is a big challenge for many dog owners. If you have a  general knowledge of dog nutrition basics then you can understand what your dog needs to eat in order to stay healthy, and you can pay more attention to building a dietary schedule customised to your individual pets needs.

Almost more than half of all commercial dog foods are junk, stuffed with meat byproducts, fillers, preservatives and chemicals. These are usually made with one primary objective – to sell these unhealthy dog foods to gullible dog owners. Unfortunately, many dog owners, without realising, feed their dogs dog foods that can sometimes result in more harm than good.

Junk dog food can actually make your dog unhealthy and sluggish resulting in dull coat and skin, and sometimes obesity. To save your dog from this, the very first thing you must do is read the ingredients on the dog food bag to find out what kind of meat is in the bag. The amount of protein can be easily determined from the type of meat contained in the bag.

The Type Food You Must look for

You may want the meat to be either chicken, lamb, fish or turkey. Chicken and lamb are considered to be the main ingredients of dog food. What you don’t want to find is by products of chicken, turkey or fish.

Now looking at grains, what you ideally want to see is oatmeal or rice as the grain ingredient. Oatmeal and rice are easy for dogs to process. You may want to switch out corn as an ingredient in your dog’s food.

Corn is usually a cheap filler which many dogs are actually allergic to. This will lead to butt scooting, itching, or infections. If you see this your dog is likely to be corn intolerant. When searching for food, this is one ingredient that you may want to weed out.

Next comes wheat. If you discover your dog has problems with wheat then go for a grain free dog food as an option. Wheat can have an even worse effect than corn on your dog. So be very careful when feeding any wheat ingredients to your dog.

The Must Have Ingredients

Essentially dogs must be fed with food that contains the following ingredients:

· Vegetable Oils – Lecithin corn oil, Soybean oil, Sesame seed oil, wheat germ oil or linseed oil.

· Healthy animal fats

· Carbohydrates – rice and oatmeal

· Fibre – tomato promace, beet pulp, soy hulls, rice and oat hulls.

· Vitamins and Minerals.


Lastly, let’s explore preservatives! If the food contains BHT, BHA, ethoxiquin or propyl gallate (which is said to be a major reason for any damage in dog’s liver), you must avoid giving this to your dog.

Vitamin E is supposed to be the best preservative to find in a good dog food. It allows the food to be preserved as naturally as possible.

The next time you buy your favourite dog food, think carefully and make sure you have paid proper attention to all the essentials of dog food.