My best friend is a cat!

My best friend is a cat!

dog and cat under blanket

dog and cat under blanketHi dog and cat pals! I know there’s always been this dogs vs cats thing, but honestly my best friend is a cat. Her names Zoe and I’ve known her since she was a kitten. Yes, Yes… I know that cats can have this take me or leave me attitude, but Zoe really is a very doggy cat. Part of this is because she’s a Birman, and like the Burmese, they really are do have a very doglike outlook on life, but Zoe also doesn’t think she’s a cat. Blame the owners for that one!! She rules the house and basically gets whatever she wants, but on a cold cold night, there’s only one thing that she really wants and thats to snuggle up under the blanket with yours truly. Well, who can blame her? 48kgs of warm fur!

If you haven’t tried the whole cat and dog friend thing, why not give it a try. The trick is to introduce your pals at an early age and of course, be sensible. Much as I hate to admit it, there are just some of us dogs who will never relax around cats so why push it. Having said that theres lots of happy cat and dog friends around.

Until next time…. Your pal, Chev