Train the owner, not the dog!

Train the owner, not the dog!


Hi again dogs-blog pals!  Chevvy here and I just wanted to share my thoughts on the famous dog whisperer Cesar Milan.

Now being a pretty laid back Golden Retriever, I have to admit that my human probably doesn’t think he needs any help from “the dog whisperer” however that Cesar is a pretty cool dude.   You see, he knows that is not us dogs that are the problem, its usually our humans who just get it wrong and so Cesar trains the humans!!!  How cool is that?

I have a mate called Teddy, who’s a really energetic terrier.  You know the type… in your face all the time.. but always has your back when you need him. Anyway, i digress ….   Teddy’s owner was pretty hyper himself, in fact so much that my human would sometimes hide from Teddy’s human if he came to visit!   Anyway, Teddy’s owner blamed Ted for pretty much everything and Ted was getting quite upset about it.  ENTER CESAR (drumroll please).

My human told Ted’s human to take a look at Cesar Milans website and guess what?  Ted’s human learned how to talk to Ted!!   Just brilliant. Now Ted is totally relaxed and cool and Ted’s owner realised how he was sending the wrong messages to Ted.    Problem Solved … Thank’s Cesar!

Now if only we could get Ted’s human to settle down a bit!!!!  See you soon dogsbloggers.

Your pal,